Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clearing my name

Hi all............ Most of you know that I was once with mouse-clicks store with Jill. I am going to write all this now because I need to clear my name. I started off as a ct for Jill creating with her kits and showing off her work. we became very close. One day she said you make beautiful things you should try and sell in my store. I never cared about making money I love to create to give to people its who I am but I took her up on it started creation using her kits and elements Then when she went an was made co owner of 2 other stores, I told her I was here for our store mouse-clicks. Jill told me that we were partners, and so I did everything I could to help the store. I got all of my girls from my league and some not to ct for US. Jill never wanted the ct girls but I took them with me, all she ever did was complain on their work but I said nothing. The girls yes were just starting out but they did a great job and I always told them that. I started making my own creations along with hers to sell in the store. I got a radio station to advertise for the store, I had girls advertising everywhere to help build us up. Then I decided we should add my Main League templates to the store she loved the idea, I would make them with her kits and mine, jill always did the previews for us she new at times when It came to league templates that the file names would be changed, she new this too because doing the previews she saw  too that they were renamed she never cared . Jill handed and gave me everything I used to make stuff for her for the store. Jill an I had a fallout and I left with pride, now all of a sudden since I  trying to open my own little store I am being trashed everywhere. Jills newest best friends Tiffany and Betsey are slandering my name everywhere an saying I stole from Jill and callin me a pirate  and a loser. Tiffany was like a sister to me but its ok I wont go there. Betsy must be there bully cause she posted stuff  lies all about me on her blog and  Betsey did not know what Jill and I agreed on. Now they want to tell everyone that I am a thief liar and god knows what else they are saying. I loved Jill with all my heart and would have done anything for her until she showed me her true colors and that is why I left her. She needed money for her kids and I sent it to her and when 4 of my items sold in her store I told her to keep it for her kids... Now they are speading horrible lies about me and I need to stand up for myself it is all lies. She also made me a logo as a gift now is claiming rights to that as well. I told them to take it out of the money I sent her. Why now are they spreading these lies well I found out that the only designer who i ct for was told by Tiffany that I trashed her which is another lie, Jill was always upset no one liked her work so she twisted a statement I told her that some use alot of cu items and she said oh why do i feel threatened then I have NEVER EVER trashed anyone which is more than I can say about Jill she has she knows she has. When I heard what they said to  the designer I ct for I was so angry I posted a message in a private group now they are trashing me. Jill is also denying we were partners here is a copy of us talking about the upcoming contest

 ATTENTION PLEASE:) I am in need of a new BANNER for our group I am tired of the one we have ..SOOOOOO. Anyone who is interested in creating a new Banner for the group, you may do so. It should reflect who we are, what we do;) and so on. Be creative. Once your done Post your creations here marked New Banner and I am going to ask my Partner Mousey to choose the one she likes best. Winner will receive from me a 5 dollar gift certificate to mouse-clicks store.. Happy Creating;) and don't forget Be copy rite friendly lol. Contest starts now..........
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I am only writing this to clear my name because what they are spreading is false truths. I am NOT a thief or a pirate or a liar. I also have a copy of a recite that shows my stuff sold and I never got any many so that is why I kept the logo she made me, and I have a copy of the recite where I sent her 20 dollars Thank you all for listening.

I love creating but this is so unreal how people will make up lies because of jealousy Makes me think creating is just not worth it I know there are a lot of people out there that know Jill and I were partners and how I created with her stuff and she new it all I hope some come forward to back me up Thank you

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